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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

McLaren Park Hike from Wilde and Ervine on Sunday May 27th

Anyone who likes to hike outdoors and who has a baby, toddler, or kid is invited to this impromptu hike on Sunday the 27th.  :-)  Free, easy, fun, and most likely new walking terrain for people. 

McLaren Park Hike from Wilde and Ervine 

We’ll meet at 10 o’clock at an entrance to John McLaren Park at Wilde Avenue and Ervine Street, across from El Dorado Elementary School. Parking is easy and there’s a bus stop a block away.

We’ll meander uphill on a wide paved trail to an awesome observation lookout. There is one short staircase, otherwise this part is fine for strollers.

The rest of the walk is mostly on a flat, dirt trail that a big-wheeled stroller could handle, about a mile max, parallel to Mansell Street. We’ll walk in a westerly direction to a grassy meadow and another great view. Up close are native plant species such as live oak, coastal buckwheat, coyote brush, and purple needlegrass. We can look for hawks, Anna’s hummingbirds, and swallowtail butterflies, identify edible invasive species like wild mustard and wild radish, and find serpentine rock.

We’ll picnic along the way (bring your own water and food, and maybe something for kids to share), then retrace our route to Ervine and Wilde. We’ll walk at a toddler’s pace, more or less.

Hope you can make it!


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