"All good things are wild and free." --Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 17, 2012

Upcoming Hike for Kids and Caregivers!

You are invited to come for a walk at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area with friends, kids, and people newly met. I'm doing these monthly hikes just as a way to move my body, meet interesting adults, and let my kid play with a big old gang of kids the old fashioned way, outside. All ages welcome. Free and unsponsored.
Hanging on the beach at Candlestick SRA
Sunday August 26th, meeting at 9:30 AM. Why so early? Because 9:30 am on that day is the peak of HIGH TIDE, and down by the water that means it's pretty special--extra lovely and smells wonderful. :-) 

Meet near the bathrooms at the main parking lot off of Hunters Point Expressway (it's actually a south of the indicator on the map below, FYI). You'll see the group. I'm going to make and Xerox maps for everyone, pointing out some local sights and where our picnic spot will be.

The terrain is flat, and the trails are wide and smooth. If your kid rides a bike or a trike, that would be great way to explore. I'll be on foot, going at the speed of my three-year-old.

The hike is meant as a group thing, but with map in hand you are totally able to go at your own pace. One can always rendezvous for the picnic.

Food and water
Sun protection
Layers of clothing
Fun and optional: kites, bikes, trikes, rollerblades, skateboards

Parking is free (exit at Candlestick Park off of 101 and head towards the water, following signs towards Hunters Point Expressway). For public transport, see: http://tripplanner.transit.511.org 


Anyone who wants a five-star hike could explore nearby Yosemite Slough, a tidal channel that has been polluted, but is now receiving a $14 million dollar restoration. The Slough is a fantastic place for bird watching come fall, and home to the endangered clapper rail.

One of the beaches at Candlestick SRA
Group Hikes in 2012
1        May—McLaren Park’s southern slope

   June—Bayview Hill
   July—Visitacion Valley Greenway
   August—Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

Possible Future Hikes
Glen Canyon, Mt. Davidson, Lands End, Heron’s Head, Grandview Park (on the Green Hairstreak Butterfly corridor), Sign Hill in SSF, Russian Ridge, Rock City on Mt. Diablo! Basically SF and close by. Everyone is welcome.