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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day Hike and Picnic on the Beach Below Fort Funston --- June 15, 2014

With only days to spare, one can't expect a big turn-out, but Sunday sure will be a good day for a walk from Fort Funston to the beach below.

This hike is open to all, but especially meant for folks with kids. It's Father's Day, which is great, but also TOTALLY welcome are grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, single parents, same-sex parents, anybody!

The Details
The stairs going down to beach

  • June 15, 2014
  • Meet at 10:30ish in the main parking lot, near the beach lookout beside the hang-glider area, located in the westernmost end of the parking lot.  We will walk at 11
  • The whole hike will probably be two hours long, but come and go as you please! :-)
  • This is not stroller friendly, sorry! The steps and the beach make bringing a stroller impossible. You will need to carry babies and your bags. Both my husband and I will be carrying a baby, and a bag. If we all go slow, it's fun! Keep in mind that it is manageable for a 3 or 4 year old
  • Fort Funston is off-leash dog territory. I've never had a problem there, and don't anticipate a problem. Then again, I keep my kid close and don't encourage petting unknown dogs on walks anyways. 
  • Regarding your dog, if you got one---please think of the group. Some dogs get kind of intense, and that's not fun for little kids and other parents to be around. Fort Funston is full of dogs, and nobody is boss of you, but if you bring your dog, I hope he/she is absolutely friendly. If you have a dog that usually starts barking, yipping, straining at the leash, etc, please reconsider taking it on a group hike.  Thanks! 

The Hike
  • We will do part of the Low Tide Loop Hike. We will probably start in a southern direction, down the Step Ladder Trail leading down to the beach. It's utterly beautiful--amazing views and landscape. You can, if you want, just choose to walk down the steps and play at the beach, then retrace your route back to your car. Or you can carry on, doing the whole loop, which is 2.5 miles. (Please note that there is a chance that my family might just do the Step Ladder Trail and hang out at the beach, not the entire Low Tide Loop).
  • There is a port-o-potty and drinking water at the parking lot. 

We hope to see you on the hike, and look forward to it! 
--Jessica and Marshall, parents of Zoe, Calliope, and Genevieve

• Going southbound on CA 35 in San Francisco, pass John Muir Drive, take the first right (signed Fort Funston). Stay right and go on to the parking lot.
• Going northbound on CA 35, make a U-turn at John Muir Drive. Proceed southbound and take the first right (signed Fort Funston). Stay right and go on to the parking lot.

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