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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heron's Head Park Poem & Impressions by Guest Writer Hallie Sinore

Heron's Head Park
by Hallie Sinore

Never underestimate the power of moms to show up in numbers with their all-star babes on a beautiful day. That's what happened Friday 2.11.11 at Heron's Head Park parking lot and at the amazing Ecocenter. At noon, the parking lot went from empty to full in ten minutes flat. Maybe the wetlands were also part of the draw, offering stark contrast in terrain to last week's steep ascent. As for the babes - some were carried, some made us chase them, and others rode in strollers. Yet another babe was in the making!

This walk was forever flat, perfect for relaxing chat. The type of hike that doesn't call for a sense of direction - salt marsh water on both sides of the path, with a mirage of water at the end. Maybe it was real, you'll have to fill me in. We picniced as we do, just cause. I lost track of time and distance, until the turnaround.
Forever flat,
Water on both sides
Wetlands wet
Fill me in 
On path's end
Was it mirage 
Or real

Forever flat,
But blueberry round, 
All pregnant
With possibility.

Moderator's Note:
For more on Heron's Head and the Blue Greenway, please click here

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