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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upcoming Group Hike on BAYVIEW HILL! October 26th, 2014

Ever wondered about that wild looking hill beside Candlestick Park as you drive into or out of San Francisco on the 101? You know the one. Maybe not by name--Bayview Hill Park--but you've seen the eucalyptus groves, the big craggy rocks, at least peripherally as you travel north or south.

Bayview Hill is a forty-seven acre park and natural resource area. Not only is the place rife with birds, especially raptors, the last stands of the native Islais cherry, a food source for the Ohlone people, grow here, and there's been sightings of the endangered Mission Blue butterfly. Manmade things of note  include WPA walls built in the 1930s, and an Art Deco radio building from 1934.

How can one not be curious of such an AWESOME sounding place? 

Bayview in greener days. Photographer: Chris Carlsson
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 2014
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
1.5 mile
paved, mostly flat route


Bayview Hill is perhaps surprisingly a great place to walk with kids and strollers: an old road that's closed to cars leads from Key Avenue to the top of the hill, where another road circles the apex. Total mileage is 1.5, more or less.

The initial road is steep, but two-and-a-half year olds, or three year olds, manage it fine. This is great place to bring your strollers. If in doubt, bring it.

The views on a clear day show you every geographical feature in the area, and beyond: McLaren Park, the San Francisco Bay, San Bruno Mountain, Mount Diablo, and San Francisco, looking north.

With a picnic lunch up top, and rests whenever you need it, you go at your pace--there's nothing organized about this beyond a chance to walk with other families at a certain time, with aspirations for a group picnic somewhere.

 Pregnant people and babies welcome! Calling this a "hike" is kind of a misnomer. It's a stroll, a ramble, a jaunt, a slow walk. Three year olds rule the day.

Plan about three hours, but  come and go as you please.


  • Meet between 9:45 and 10:00 AM at the gated eastern end of Key Avenue (cross street is Jennings). The closest house to our meeting place is 938 Key Avenue( 94124). Parking is a challenge in this residential cul-de-sac, so you might take the first space you can a block away.
  • We start walking at 10:15. If I get a text message--my cell is (415) 577-7934--that you're running late, I can stall til 10:20 or so. :-) If you're very late don't worry, just head uphill on foot. There's no way to get lost on one road.
  • Picnic somewhere on the southern or western side of the hilltop. Bring your food and water. 
Bayview in the 20s. From Found SF.org.


Public Transportation:

  • T 3rd light rail stops a couple blocks away
Southbound 101:
  • Exit 3rd Street
  • Follow signs for 3rd Street/Bayshore Blvd N
  • Stay right at the fork and follow signs for 3rd St/Bayshore Blvd S
  • Left on Bayshore Blvd
  • Continue on 3rd St
  • Right at Key Ave
Northbound 101:
  • Exit 429B/3rd Street
  • Right on Key Ave


SF Park and Rec:

SF Natural Areas:

Found SF:

Bay Nature Magazine:

Hope you can join the fun, and feel welcome to bring others, or spread the word. The more, the merrier!

Jessica and Marshall
(parents of a 5 y.o. and twin 16 month olds)


  1. I love the 1920s photo. Looks like there are actually more trees (and of course buildings) now then back then!

  2. Edgar,Sebastian and me will be there!!