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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The whirly thing-a-ma-bob
Stoneham Recreation Ground is a sweet neighborhood playground in the seaside town of Hove in southern England. Particularly cool features include a tunnel burrowed into a hill, a graffitied mural of a train under a starry night sky, and some permaculture aspects to the grounds, including a "bug motel" to encourage insect life.  Amenities include a community-run cafe, bathrooms, and a couple stores around the corner. When the kids tire of the swings, the beach is just a few blocks away

The tunnel in the hill
One section of the playground
The mural
Beware the stumpy-footed seagull
Contemplating the greatness of it all

Climbing the barrow mound
Three feet off the ground
Flirtatious fun
Stoneham Recreation Ground is bordered by Stoneham, Tamworth, Mainstone, and Marmion Roads; it's a few blocks from the Aldrington rail station.

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Brighton and Hove City Council (playground info)
Poets Corner Community Society (the history of Stoneham Park)

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