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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


On a less-than twenty-four hour layover in Toronto, on a rainy day with our small child in hand, my husband, daughter, and I made our way to the Toronto Zoo. At first glance you might sniff, but there are seven miles of trails.  Five thousand animals are spread out in the 700 acres, arranged in geographically themed regions. Purportedly it's the second largest zoo in North America---so along with the high kid-enjoyment factor, there's the chance for a long walk.

The most remote part of the Toronto Zoo is, ironically, the Canadian portion---up and over a steep, long hill, nooked into a corner with some awesome, playful grizzly bears.

Toronto Zoo is one of the better zoos I've seen, despite it's high entrance fee and garbage food. My knee-jerk reaction to a zoo is usually a big NO, but this is about kids, and they love animals. In the spirit of conservation, preservation, and education, more power to healthy zoos with plenty of space for the animals. (By the way, my favorite zoo is the unpretentious Belize Zoo)

If and when you come to Toronto Zoo, bring walking shoes, an umbrella, and a sack lunch. 

Among the better ways to get around
Should I stay or should I go?
The Incredible Mr. Fox
Heartening to see a big space for the giraffe
The old white lioness
Babies LOVE bears

Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Ave Scarborough, ON M1B 5K7
(416) 392-5900

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